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Hygiene Cemetery Newsletter December 21 2012

Dear relatives and members of the Hygiene Cemetery Association,
We have a number of new things happening at the church and cemetery and are excited to share this news with you as we welcome 2013. We also want to thank everyone who has donated in the past, present, or future, as their donations make all of these things possible. We would not be able to maintain the property or structures without your support.

Our latest news We have Sam Clark, a Hygiene local, taking up the seat of board president. We also want to thank Ken Cinnamon for his time as president. Additionally Todd Ellison, Boulder relative and native, has been added as our newest board member.

Our first priority is the Northeast corner of the building, which has had a large crack and has needed repair for some time. In order to stop further deterioration, we have recently had an expert look into what will need to be done so we can get this accomplished ASAP.

We have some tree maintenance, which will require removal of three or more trees and a large amount of trimming to avoid damage to structures or houses next to the north and south cemetery, as well as the church itself.

We are also hoping to move forward with refinishing much of the church that needs attention so that it can be put into use again and will be working with Boulder County, and their guidelines, to obtain a certificate of occupancy so that we may hold funerals, receptions, weddings, and other local or reservation based events at the church again.

With our restoration efforts, we are looking into replacing and repairing some glass and functionality of the windows. We have a wonderful restoration expert and an accomplished painter on board to help us finish that project. Recently, the front door was replaced and re-work of some floor has been done. In 2009 we replaced the roof and removed many years worth of bats, who have lived within the attic space. We have since installed preventative screens to avoid the bats return.

This very week we tested the stove and it appears to be in working order.

Upkeep of the grounds and regular maintenance is of utmost importance and we appreciate all the donations with taking care of this. We are looking to manage the watering schedule after winter to avoid extremely dry areas or times. This year’s weather droughts greatly affected our landscaping across the cemetery. We hope to monitor this closer in the future.

As you may know, the Hygiene Cemetery Association does not have any available burial plots for sale and any remaining spaces are owned by individuals or families. We are researching the Radiogram service to scan our soil and verify all plots in the event that there are any discrepancies. We hope to have this completed within 2013.

Since we have had previous interest in the need for burial plots for remains, we are currently gathering bids to build a “Columbarium” (an area to store cremated remains) and we are pleased to announce that we have found a product style and design that is in keeping with the stone and style of the original church. This would allow us to offer niches at a comparable rate to other cemeteries in the area. If you have an interest in obtaining a niche for one or more family member’s remains, please let us know. You can email info@hygienecemetery.com or call Sam Clark, 303-776-5763 and let us know.

Additionally we are now working on a web based email newsletter for those of us who are online and would like to receive updates more often. Please email info@hygienecemetery.com to add your name to our list. During 2013, Todd will be adding more functionality to our website, which will include this tool.

Please keep in mind that the Hygiene Cemetery Association is a 503 c3 tax exempt organization and relies on the generosity of our members to maintain our grounds. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated as every donation, large or small, adds to our momentum of accomplishing our goals.

Thank you for all that you do.
Sam Clark, President Hygiene Cemetery Association