Hygiene Cemetery

Hygiene Cemetery Newsletter


P.0.Box 195
Hygiene, CO 80533-0195

Dear Members of the Hygiene Cemetery Association,
The Hygiene Cemetery Association needs your help to continue with upkeep and care of the cemetery. Please be reminded that you are a member of the Association because you have one or more family members buried within the cemetery or own lots. Simply stated, we need your help! Any and all contributions would be appreciated. In 2009, the Cemetery Association was given Deed to the Church of the Brethren (commonly known as the Old Dunkard Church). The association is currently attempting to restore the Church. In the fall of 2008, the Association was awarded a $43,000 matching grant from the Colorado Historic Fund. Notice again, it was a matching grant, which means that the Association has to contribute 943.000 to the oroiect. Recentlv a new roof was added to the church and much needed work on h e soffit ani fascia also took place. We areno where near completion of the project. Foundation work, replacement of the floor and restoration of the windows still need to be completed. Again, we need you to help! Care and upkeep of the cemetery is also paramount. Many old stones within the cemetery need repaired or replaced. We also are working at identifying unknown graves, empty spaces and eventually would like to use scientific equipment to help us with that goal. I hope you will consider a donation to the Hygiene Cemetery Association. Every little bit helps! For your tax records, the Hygiene Cemetery Association is tax exempt under Revenue Code Section 501C(13) and your contribution is tax deductible as provided by law. Please advise of any name or address corrections.

Thank you for your help.

Ken Cinnamon
President, Hygiene Cemetery Association